In 2015 the United Nations provided a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. At the core of these guidelines there was an urgent call for action by all countries whether they were developed or developing in a global partnership, to create strategies that will improve health, education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth and help to preserve the environment, our oceans and forests.

Here are the 17 Objectives:


Our cities embraced  the United Nations blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We believe in the 17 sustainable development goals and this is how we apply this objectives:


No Poverty

In Dominican Republic, we are building affordable cities that will address the housing deficit of 2.4 million units in this beautiful country.


Good Health and Well-Being

Our cities were conceived with mental and physical health in mind with healthcare facilities that address all age groups from children and senior adults.


Quality Education

As with Healthcare, our cities have been conceived to ensure that there are quality education and learning opportunities are available for all human beings.


Gender Equality

We recognized that there is tremendous value and potential for the world in the empowerment of women. As such, we believe that to leverage this potential we must create and expand opportunities for women in our communitie.


Clean Water and Sanitation

Water management is vital. We take a holistic approach towards water management to maintain and enhance the efficiency, resilience, desirability and long-term value of our assets and developments. In order to provide the best quality of water possible, we are building a water treatment plant.


Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy efficiency is obtaining the same energy goods and services, but with less energy. In the process, the goal is to deliver the same or higher quality of life, with less pollution, at a lower price than the current one, and to extend the life of resources.


Decent work and Economic Growth

These cities will create jobs ranging from construction to commerce, education, healthcare, city management that includes fire and police protection and an array of other opportunities in different careers and industries.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Most of the developers construct a project, pocket their money and lives. We will remain invested in these cities by continuing to manage and develop their growth and success.


Sustainable cities and communities

One of the fundamental elements in the developments of our communities are to make them safe, resilient, and sustainable. With that approach, our citizens benefit, the country benefits and the earth benefits.