Inflation is having an huge
impact on people of all ages, creating a squeeze on cashflow of families and individuals.

No group has been more affected by inflation than retirees and senior citizens who live on a fixed income. As the cost of living has been consistently increasing in the past years, adjusting to higher consumer prices for food and transportation has been difficult for the majority of retirees. Including the cost of housing. Both rent and home ownership have been skyrocketing, so much so that seniors living on their investments and guaranteed income sources, such as pensions, are having a tough time coping.

Larimar City and Resort could be the perfect solution for this dilemma :

Low Cost of living
Affordable Condos, Townhomes and Villas
10 minutes from the Beach
Mobile Healthcare
Healthcare System

Including a Hospital located in the community

Great Lifestyle

Full of restaurants, gyms, library, and great variety of stores to shop


Safety that allows for peaceful Walking and Biking through these friendly communities

Local University

Providing educational courses and mental development opportunities

Community Exercises
10 minutes to an international airport
Senior Activity Programs
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